The Value of a Day

Abstract-Art-masterpieceTwenty-four hours is the equalizer – that’s all everyone gets.

At the risk of sounding cliché: our lives play out in the context of a day and the outcomes represent the degree to which we value our time.

Also, each day brings you closer to (or takes you further from) your goals. This is a negligible, but crucial fact and only those who pay attention enjoy its benefits.

So how’s it working for you? Are you getting closer to your dreams or are they drifting away?

I won’t bother you with time management rhetoric. However, I would like to help you assess the direction that your days would eventually take you. Is it a destination that you would ultimately enjoy?

The effect of a day is subtle. The days add up slowly and suddenly you’re in debt, overweight, rich, etc. It goes almost unnoticed and you find yourself asking: how did I get here?

Are you conscious or alive to your day’s flow? You don’t have to plan a perfect day, but you can be proactive in aligning your days with your goals.


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