Startup Tip: Keep It Simple

IMG_1362-waechter-guardians-of-time-guards-contemporary-art-arts-arte-design-sculpture-statue-light-art-installation-show-fair-manfred-kielnhofer-kiliAn idea is a living thing – it has a life of its own and a starting point. Finding the right start is the entrepreneur’s challenge.

It’s a challenge because startup excitement often makes it hard for entrepreneurs to recognize simple steps in the startup process.

Every idea can be broken down into simple steps – and ideas evolve from stage to stage. This principle brings ease to the entrepreneur’s effort.

Find a simple start. For instance, you don’t have to rent out the traditional office space, a virtual office could do for now. Irrelevant business practices are traps. They make the new venture tedious. Avoid them.

Fortunately, we’re in the 21st century. Communication is cheap, the internet is effective and social media has slashed the cost of advertising and marketing. It’s a great time to start anything – on a simple note and still make a decent profit.

For starters, keep your business framework simple, flexible and change friendly because the startup is genetically designed for growth.


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