Weekend Star Article: The Three Reasons Why Your Great Idea is Likely to Fail


Ideas are common. Like oxygen, everyone has access to these free flowing elements. For some, it feels like a ‘mind-siege’- they constantly have fresh ideas surging through their system. However, how many of these thoughts get done? Truth is:  an idea assumes value only when it’s done. Until then, it’s cheap – just floating in the air.

Reality is an idea’s dream. Every thought wants to move from the unseen to the seen realm. That’s the push. Hence, an idea would keep moving until it finds someone who’s able to make it visible. That’s why you’ll see an idea that occurred to you being done by another – it moved. Doing the thought is more important than receiving it.

Two people get the same idea; one is unable to do it and the other does it successfully. Why? Why would brilliant ideas move from you? What’s stopping you? Why do you think, talk about it and don’t do it?

Existing Thought Patterns is one reason. Often, ideas occur in contradictory circumstances. They come to shake up our established way of thinking and living. Hence, it’s easy to think an investment banker is crazy when he decides to become a novelist.

Every new thought will encounter a push-back by our comfort zone. This is where the fight begins. Many novel ideas don’t survive this stage because the conflict can be fierce and most times, the comfort zone wins. Here, folks conclude it’s not worth the trouble.

The misconception is that you can execute a new idea on your current wiring (existing thought patterns). This approach has proven ineffective. To increase your chances of success when you get a fresh hit of inspiration, first ask yourself: what needs to change about my current way of thinking for this thought to flourish?

Another reason why ideas fail is Environment. Every place powers a thought. Silicon Valley powers tech innovation, Hollywood is the world’s movie Mecca, Las Vegas supports the idea of gambling and Wall Street is the engine for global finance. In these places, the atmosphere is specifically designed to ensure that a particular idea thrives.

This is very important in the creativity process. Generally, positivity enthusiasts assume that any idea can succeed anywhere. This notion works against the reality of the forces at play in each location. Sometimes it’s possible to exert a greater force in order to change the elements of a place for your idea to work. Other times, it’s wise to move to a place with ready energy for what you have in mind.

Where are you now? Does your location support your idea? If not, what are you going to do about it? Perhaps, you have the right idea in the wrong place. You can’t ski in Turkana – it doesn’t snow there.

People can hinder creativity – this is the third reason. If you ask me what I think is the main key to success, my answer would be: association. It’s my number one pick. In my view, nothing affects your journey more than the people around you.

There are dreams and ideas that you may never birth in the company of certain people – no matter how affectionate they are. There are places and experiences you may not get to enjoy because of your crew. Some ideas will naturally die around some folks.

To make ideas happen, sensitivity in this area is key. At the risk of sounding cliché, I’ll ask: who are your friends? Who’s got your ears? Whose company and words help shape your perspective? If you’re not willing to change your association, you might as well forget your dream.












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