How to Reinvent Yourself

hambourg-1948Uniqueness means that there are new aspects of you waiting to be explored. It is the possibility of getting better, being more and becoming someone new. That’s our design. We have that gift.

Some of us explore further than others. But we all have the same chance – we’ve all been given the ability to evolve.

That said. How do you reinvent yourself? Here are a few tips:

  • Acknowledge Changes

As humans, we change in order to survive, stay relevant and thrive. This starts with recognizing the changes in your environment and being willing to adjust accordingly. Those who fail to adjust become irrelevant.

  • Unlearn: Give it Up

The root of reinvention lies in the adjusting or replacement of habits and thought-patterns. This is the tough part. It starts by consciously engaging the process of discarding thoughts and behavior that work against your goals.

  • Relearn: Acquire New Habits

In this process, old thought-patterns and behavior have to be replaced by new ones. For instance, if you decide to reinvent your body, you may have to give up junk food and replace the habit with healthy eating – and an exercise routine.

Good luck!


Should Every Idea Be Sold?

Forming Attachments Layers Merged 750My first book will never be published.

It’s a manuscript of over 34000 words written within a 30day burst of inspiration – many years ago. It was my first attempt at a full-length book and I don’t want it commercialized. It’s for me, not the public.

At first, I thought I wanted it published, but later realized that I didn’t want to share it. Apparently, this behavior isn’t unusual; creative minds – writers, artists and songwriters – experience it.

The Vault is where the profusely creative singer/songwriter, Prince, stores some of his works. BBC reported that, “…if Prince was to die tomorrow, he has so much unreleased music, he could release an album a year for the next 100years…” He records and simply puts them away.

What’s his plan? We’re not sure. He’s in no hurry to make them public – we may never hear the works. But the songs are finished and kept away.

In the creative process, you’ll discover ideas that are just for you and for some reason you feel no pressure to share. It’s okay to share these ideas when you’re ready and if you don’t want to, it’s fine.

Value The Process, Enjoy The Journey

Blue-Abstract-painting-by-Simon-Brushfield1Life is rooted in processes. Every aspect is intended to go through stages. We start as babies, then grow and evolve.

Likewise, our ideas are subject to processes. You think it, and then you’re thrown into a tunnel of mixed rationales. You plan, meet people, seek resources, start, almost fail, fail, start again, barely succeed, eventually succeed, start again…get a new idea… and every step is designed to grow an aspect of your mind.

While going through the motion, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to get fixated on the struggles and pain of birthing an idea and that’s not the point.

This is:

The process of an idea is designed to make you better – someone who increases in quality – in an area. Folks who understand this embrace the process because the reward is worth the pain.

The successful is frequently asked for the secrets to success. That’s easy: process! The ups, downs, small and medium wins, setbacks, fights, big wins, joys, sorrows…the unique cocktail that life gives each one.

Richard Branson’s process is the real secret to his success. Oprah Winfrey, President Barrack Obama, Anthony Robbins, Warren Buffet…YOU! Everyone is made by process.

The Art of Waiting

ArtOfWritingMy confession:

Waiting is one of my least favorite things. I do it only when necessary, otherwise, I don’t see the point.

But life thinks differently. That’s why it schedules periods of waiting – when all we can do is: chew on ‘patience pie’.

If waiting is part of life’s reality, can we get better at it? Yes we can!


One: Identify The Gains

If I must wait as part of life’s process, I can’t wait for nothing. Now, I ask myself: what do I want to get out of this wait? What benefits do I want to leave with by the time its over? Once I was put on hold by life and I decided to write three books. That was my take out.

Two: Every Wait Ends

This is an invaluable mental poise. For you to survive the waiting process, you must understand that every wait comes to an end. It’s a law.

Three: Get Busy

Waiting doesn’t mean that we sit around doing nothing. We’re in a process that requires that we change focus – not be inactive. While you’re waiting, create something. Put your mind to work.

Your Idea Believes in You


That’s one of the emotions that you feel when an awesome idea hits you.


At that point, you doubt you can pull it off.

But this is how it works: an idea knows things about you that you’re yet to discover about yourself. That’s why it comes to you totally confident that you can make it happen – whether you believe it or not. The idea is never in doubt.

Now, the real work is getting you to see and agree that you can make it work. The idea might succeed or fail in persuading you, but it’s not unsure of its choice.

Before an idea knocks on your door, all the resource that you need to realize it has been factored and already in place. It’s no use worrying about how you will do it because provision is sorted. All you need to do is say: yes!

Folks back down on a thought because they don’t see HOW they can do it and that’s a mistake. An idea comes loaded with resources, looking for someone who will agree to the package and run with it.

Will you agree? No more excuses.

The Sign of Humility

SignsAsking questions! That’s one of the main signs of humility. It’s not self deprivation, avoiding the good life or stifling others with a weird attitude, but wanting to know. That’s humility.

One key to enlightenment is first admitting that your knowledge is limited and seeing the need to know more. And based on this, seeking out what you need to know.

Also being open to learning from every source is important in this equation. Picky learners often miss vital lessons.

Furthermore, we learn in order to change. That’s the point. It starts from a change in perspective, at the very least – if not behavioural. Learning helps us to appropriate diverse views even if we don’t agree with them. This way, you’re better poised than the ignorant individual.

Change in behaviour also applies. Humility is fulfilled when we rethink our views and change when it’s time – if necessary. It means growth.

One Way To Know It’s The Right Time

BeSolidIn life, we’re often faced with the challenge of deciding when the time is right for a particular move; two reasons being that you can execute a great idea at the wrong time and folks want to get it right.

Recently, in the process of making some vital decisions, I discovered an interesting angle to right timing.

When trying to figure out the right time, it’s helpful to access next level capacity. For instance, you may want to buy a brand new car and possibly the right time to buy the car is when you’ve grown in financial capacity to get it. If you don’t have the funds for the next level, maintaining the car may not be fun.

I’m as risk taking as they come. However, I know that certain moves can be foolish risks when we clearly lack the sophistication or what it takes to sustain what we pursue.

To make decisions easier, build capacity in the areas that you seek opportunities. That way, all other factors in place, it becomes perfect timing.