fuelInspire! That’s the leader’s first job; to influence others to act. Celine Dion was inspired by Michael Jackson to learn the English language. Action is the proof of inspiration.

In the simplest forms, we influence each other. However, what’s powerful is when inspiration occurs on purpose. It is the consciousness that you have a gift that can give others the required push into greatness.

Some years ago I read, The Making of an American Capitalist, Warren Buffet’s biography by Roger Lowenstein. It opened up an aspect of me that I didn’t know existed. The book called out the businessman in me.

Someone is waiting to be inspired by you on purpose. Guess what? Who you are right now is enough. You have something that can be a positive catalyst for another’s success. Just release it; give it away. It may not look significant to you, but for someone, it’s the key to the next level. Don’t hold back!