Keep Fighting!

minersavedThe world watched in awe as 33 miners in Chile emerged from the earth after being trapped for 69 days. The 2010 incident saw wishes turn into prayers as the rescue effort took place. People worked tirelessly, powered by the strong desire for a positive outcome. They would not have it any other way.

In leadership, uncertain times are guaranteed. When all you have to give your team is the strong conviction of a positive outcome. In crisis, the lack of hope decreases the team’s energy level. Hence, effective leaders are careful to keep hope alive.

When hope is gone, people would usually give up. They become blind to resources, they are not able to improvise and generally have no strength to fight.

Where do you go when you’re low on hope? Every leader ought to have an effective hope system. There’s got to be a place where you get refreshed and energized. Where you regain your swing and find strength to keep fighting. Nobody said leadership is easy, but hope makes it worthwhile.