Fail, Learn, Do Better

29iht-melikian29-pica-articlelargeNow, blogs, books and other media reveal that the idea of failure has been embraced by entrepreneurs. In fact, some investors won’t consider your idea if you’ve not failed at something. Failure is now a badge of honor that entrepreneurs proudly display.

But what’s the point?

Has failing suddenly become fun? Do you have to fail in order to succeed? Does failure serve any real purpose? Really, what’s the point?

I’ll tell you right now (for free): failure is no fun. As an entrepreneur, I hate to fail; it’s never the goal. Winning is the preferred option – always! However, the new attitude towards failure helps the entrepreneur and this is why.

Failure is now a tool for learning. These days, little time is spent crying over spilt milk. When failure occurs, effective entrepreneurs switch to exploration (or study) mode. Yes, they feel bad, but learning begins almost immediately.

The entrepreneur engages the learning process with one purpose in mind: TO DO BETTER. Failure has no other use.

The proof that you’ve learned from your failure is better performance. Until then, you’re yet to figure out why you failed – and in that case, keep learning.



plottingCorporate anywhere is a war zone. I’ve sat through long hours of strategy where management tries to come up with innovation to outwit the competition. In some cases, wrong moves could mean brand damage or the loss of market share.

Deciding on strategy is no flaky exercise.

War strategies are carefully thought out based on intelligence gathered. Flexibility is built into the scheme in recognition of real time action. Each step is considered, down to the duration of certain operations. Also, strategy is designed to occur in phases.

Almost 10years ago, due to poor financial decisions, I was thousands of dollars in debt. It was war and I decided to fight. After coming to terms with the pain, I sat down with pen and paper and designed a phase by phase strategy to financial freedom. I attacked the debt with military precision and it worked. I systematically got out of debt.

When endangered, sometimes viewing trouble as a whole can be overwhelming. However, breaking it down into bits and tackling it phase by phase can create the ease required for victory.

Armed with a good plot, you can win!


Sweetgum Seed CapsuleTechnology has made warfare more sophisticated. Now, a nation at war is able to gather information on the enemy while thousands of miles away in order to determine strike targets. War is not blindly engaged. Intelligence is a vital part of war strategy.

For you, it’s no different. Do you have good intelligence or are you fighting blindly?

When you’ve recognized your fight and declared war, gathering relevant knowledge is the next step. Based on this, you’re able to plot a solid strategy.

So the cancer patient reads up all she needs to know on her ailment. What kind of cancer and its stages? Can it be cured? What are the options? How can the process be managed? Also, doctors are interviewed extensively…all aimed at being fully aware and mentally prepared for what’s ahead.

This is the stage where you come to terms with the brutal reality of what you’re dealing with. Denial won’t help. Burying your head in the sand won’t make the ‘hunter’ disappear.

Granted, you may break down a few times in the process, but it’s far better than staying in the dark.

The Art of War

Carved Lion HeadBelieve it or not, the announcement of Britain’s entrance into World War 1 met with celebrations in the streets. Considering the circumstances, war was inevitable and the nation had to respond. Likewise, beyond life’s usual challenges, there are times for war

You’re at war when you’re faced with life-altering trouble and its either you fight or die. It could be anything from ailment to crippling debt or damaged reputation; massive conflict! These are unusual challenges that come to take us out or put us in a prolonged state of misery.

It’s important to recognize your war because behavior at such times is different from peace time. Are you currently at war? If you are, what are you going to do about it?

War is declared!

When confronted by an issue that’s a massive threat to your peace and you’ve decided to fight, I suggest you declare it. This means taking a strong mental position. Your mind is poised for a good fight. In this case, you consciously draw the line in the sand and…it’s on!

The Good Fight

thegoodfightA child’s innocence is challenged by a harsh world. Soon enough, they find themselves confronting their parents’ fears and society’s limitations. Slowly the limits on their minds begin to pile as they’re progressively discouraged from asking questions.

Society has a way of crushing the existing dreams in a child’s soul. Hence, for anyone to truly live their dreams, they have to put up a fierce fight. Whether you win or lose, the battle is inevitable.

It starts with lies about how far you can go. They tell you that your desire is unreasonable and cannot be done. You’re shown the ‘casualties’ that made an attempt. Fear is instilled…it’s a big bad world. “We’re trying to protect you”, they say. That may be true, but in the grand scheme of your dream, it’s a lie!

Sadly, many great dreams have been buried under these lies. The child is fought to be ‘normal’. In being normal, you’re expected to think and talk like everyone else, act the same, do alike…and die together. Not cool!

Never be ‘normal’.

I’m Coming Back!

imcomingback4Donald Trump can be controversial. The American billionaire businessman had filed for corporate bankruptcy four times (he’s never filed for personal bankruptcy). He survived every single one and came out on top. That’s tenacity!

They say that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. What if you want apple juice instead? Then I say: when life hands you lemons, sell them and buy apple juice. There’s always a way around obstacles.

In life, there are times when you’re down for the count. At such times, we often think it’s all over. That’s when we’re faced with the options: do we give up or fight?

Every time I suffer a bitter loss, I mourn it, nurse my wounds and learn my lessons then go back to the drawing board to re-strategize.

I love come backs! The wins are sweeter, bigger and better – I think. As a leader, you may not get it right the first time. That doesn’t mean you’ll never get it. The renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, says it this way, “it’s not over, until I win”.

Work the Net

workthenetAs we approached the end of the after party, the atmosphere was fantastic. Someone dropped another thought. She opened up the angle of follow through on the ideas of the night. That’s when I realized how thorough the group was. Everyone was conscious of what was happening.

She talked about being there for each other’s dreams; giving the necessary support at the time of need; picking up the phone when someone needs you and providing the kind of insight that births solutions.

In other words, my capacity is available to you.


My friends and I are determined to go beyond words as we commit to greatness. Each one is excited about the other’s dream and would give their strength in order for another to reach their goal.

As we said our goodbyes, everyone understood that they have comrades ready to get in on their battle. We reaffirmed our support system and felt like kids ‘high’ on sweets. Happiness was in the air.

Reminds me of the three musketeers…all for one, one for all. Just that this time, we were more than three.