Value Added

Mona_Lisa,_by_Leonardo_da_VinciBy design, you’re special. It doesn’t matter where you were born, what you do or your perspective; you are valuable on the planet. You are truly awesome…it’s an exciting thought!

The first thing an oppressive mind does is to have you doubt your value; convince you that you’re nothing. It is the initial step to a system that demeans your person over time. The devaluation of the soul is an age long strategy that cripples the victim to near inactivity.

A baby’s value is generally not doubted, long before they do any ‘meaningful’ work. That’s our design and it doesn’t change in adulthood. The soul is valuable, even before action.

I know this contradicts the idea that what we do confirms our value. Well, I’ve noticed that people generally produce more and take more risks when their self worth is secured before work is done.

Your presence is value. Your essence solves a problem. Like a skillful artist, it’s important to sharpen your edge.  However, it’s deeply rewarding when you do it from a point of confirmed worth. A royal touch makes any element royal, not the other way round.


The Rules

therulesLife plays out on levels. There’s always a higher level than where you are currently…and new levels, new rules!

Folks often complain about a friend or family member changing after they’ve attained a measure of success. They expect their relationship with this individual to remain the same. This is usually not the case.

When your friend got successful, she attained a new level and the rules changed. If this change is not factored in, the relationship may not be the same. Not everyone will fit into the new levels that you attain and trying to carry them along (if they don’t change) might hurt you.

I don’t mean to be snobbish, but the next level is different from where you are. The relationships, work, attitude, lifestyle, world view, etc., are not the same. Accept it! Only the prepared can move with you to the next stage.

The laws that govern driving are different from those that govern flight. Decide on what you want and know the rules. You cannot be ignorant of royal protocol and dine with the Queen of England. At that level, it’s a different ball game.