French Wine

frenchwineOne day I went to visit with a good friend in Dakar. I was greeted with a glass of Bordeaux red wine and some cheese. Dinner was an all French cuisine. The background music was…you guessed right…French.

The Senegalese young man was born in Dakar, but raised in France. He got his PhD there before relocating back to Senegal. My friend is very French, but also Senegalese. He beautifully moves in and out of each culture.

The ability to be whoever you want to be per time is one of the luxuries of the 21st century. Any culture can be home at any time. You can travel the globe, building on your person and personality as you go. It’s a great opportunity to be more than what one’s root culture dictates.

This era offers us the chance to live with different people. We have an opportunity to share in their insight into life, to walk in their shoes and to share in their story. I think that’s a good deal.


YOU Cannot Fail

An-unsuccessful-man-200x300I think it’s time to confront failure. After years of studying successful leaders, I’ve come to the conclusion that we were designed to rise above failure, every time.

This consciousness freed me! Have I failed? Many times. However, I’ve noticed that somehow, good comes out of the mess at last. Every time I fail, I learn, change, grow and get much better. I think failure is our wine making process. We get sweeter!

Effective leaders understand that failure is a growth opportunity. The fluid nature of life is much stronger than failure. The big picture is always at play when we think we’ve failed and can’t get up. Many successful people were labeled failures at first, but still made it because what looks like failure now is definitely success in light of the big picture.

My experience has taught me not to beat myself down whenever I fail. I’ve learned to get up, go back to the drawing board, strategize and re-fire. Don’t attend pity parties; they’re a total waste of time.